Marcile Powers for Mayor of Saint Petersburg

Representing citizens not developers.

I’m Marcile Powers, a small business owner in Kenwood. I’m running for mayor of St. Petersburg, because our city needs to help our small businesses.

Rent prices are driven through the roof, as large corporations are moving into our communities that we built. The rental assistance program is a bandaid on hemorrhaging wounds. The proposed restrictions on the bars closing at midnight is unacceptable! We need to keep our businesses competitive and generate revenue, in order to sustain said businesses and bring cash flow back into our communities.

Local artists grants only pay for projects, not for the living expenses of an artist, working on the project. The development, real estate markets, and tourism industries are profiting off the work artists create, while not putting back into the community. The developers continue to build without paying for the strain they are adding to our infrastructure. 

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Political ad. paid for and approved by Marcile Powers, non partisan for Mayor of Saint Petersburg.