Meet Marcile

Marcile with her oldest son, Orion.

I am a 6th generation Floridan, mother, business owner, artist, and concerned citizen.

Although I grew up surrounded by Florida politics, I am relatively new to the St. Petersburg political scene. I had decided not to go into our family business, until recent issues tugged enough at my heartstrings to enter this race. I have a BFA degree in film directing. My education taught me that in order to lead a group of people, I had to know how to do each of their jobs. I also study nonviolent communication. My leadership style will be direct and empathic. I will always seek to understand a person’s daily job before making changes.

The main reason politics and I separated was the amount of negative campaigning I saw and participated in. I deeply desire a world where we treat each other with the respect and kindness our fellow humans deserve. I’m a 6th generation Florida and my grandmother, Eliza Lucas Pinckney, funded George Washington and the troops during the American revolution.I’ve marched at the Gay Pride here in St. Petersburg with my local UU church. I also love the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade as well. I sat in the Tampa police station after the Michael Brown shooting before I knew I was pregnant with my first son. 

I come from a long line of American protestors, constitution signers, and people from all over this country. I love Florida and want to keep it for generations to come. It is possible to keep Florida from sinking, it just takes some knowledge of the ecosystem. 

From Purplely:

Marcile Powers is a Renaissance woman who is running to represent the citizens of St. Petersburg instead of the developers. Marcile grew up just south of the bridge, in Bradenton, and now has a wonderful family in St. Petersburg. She is an internationally published artist with a background in film, tv, and small business ownership. Marcile has also worked in non-for-profit health care as a special projects coordinator where she has done everything from administration, video production, marketing materials, and copywriting for medical documents. Marcile is running to help and represent the people of St. Petersburg.

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