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I’m Marcile Powers, a small business owner in Kenwood. I’m running for mayor of St. Petersburg, because our city needs to help our small businesses.

 Rent prices are driven through the roof, as large corporations are moving into our communities that we built. The rental assistance program is a bandaid on hemorrhaging wounds. The proposed restrictions on the bars closing at midnight is unacceptable! We need to keep our businesses competitive and generate revenue, in order to sustain said businesses and bring cash flow back into our communities.

Local artists grants only pay for projects, not for the living expenses of an artist, working on the project. The development, real estate markets, and tourism industries are profiting off the work artists create, while not putting back into the community. The developers continue to build without paying for the strain they are adding to our infrastructure. 

From Purplely:

Provided by Marcile

Public Safety

  • ●  Replant mangroves to improve the sustainability of shorelines.
  • ●  Restore the seabeds and sea grass to reduce effects of red tide.
  • ●  Hold companies responsible for their dumping into the bay.
  • ●  End deep well injections.

● Ensure new and large-scale buildings have rainwater storage and are built with green space.

Public Health
● Increase accessibility of public restrooms and opportunities for handwashing.
● Focus upon small farmer initiatives and fund a citywide grocery co-op to alleviate

food deserts while also teaching citizens to grow and cook their own food.

Infrastructure / Tropicana Field

  • ●  The indoor aspect of the current stadium offers great protection from heat waves,so it should be updated with more attractive greenspaces and better lighting.
  • ●  Rehabilitate Booker Creek and create a riverwalk and economic location forgreen businesses.
  • ●  Utilize part of the development site for city-owned affordable housing units.
  • ●  Develop more environmentally friendly modes of transport like a monorailsystem.
  • Affordable Housing
  • ●  Create affordable housing units that are owned and maintained by the cityinstead of developers.
  • ●  Utilize city owned housing units to generate small amounts of revenue and hiremore full-time employees with good pensions.
  • ●  Place a greater emphasis on classes that offer the kind of financial advice thatprepares individuals for homeownership.
  • Small Business and the Arts
  • ●  Closing bars at midnight is unacceptable and we need to keep our businessescompetitive to bring cash flow back into our communities.
  • ●  Grant a guaranteed income to artists who commit to creating projects or classeswith kids in South St. Petersburg.
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